Leaf Area / LAI

LI-3100C Area Meter

  • Area, Length, Maximum Width, Average Width
  • A single lens provides adjustable resolution of 0.1 or 1mm2
  • High accuracy and repeatability, and fast, continuous operation for large quantities of samples with individual or cumulative area recorded
  • Large (25 cm wide, 2.5 cm thick with 1 mm2 resolution) or small (<1 cm2 area when using 0.1 mm2 resolution) leaves or other objects, including needles
  • Quiet belt system with adjustable press roller to flatten curled leaves
  • Data is shown on the instrument LED display or on the computer screen using Windows® software to collect and store data via RS-232 or USB

LI-3000C Portable Area Meter

  • Simple, Fast and Accurate
  • Proven Technology
  • Non-destructive measurements
  • Lightweight
  • Windows Interface Software

LI-2200C Plant Canopy Analyzer

The LI-2200C Plant Canopy Analyzer uses a non-destructive method to easily and accurately measure Leaf Area Index (LAI). It consistently outperforms other methods such as Ceptometry and Hemispherical Photography in terms of flexibility, advanced features, accuracy, and ease of use.